Thursday, May 30, 2013

Horse Adoption Day at Ellington Stables

Hidden in the hills of southern Indiana is a sanctuary dedicated to the care and rehabilitation of over 30 unwanted horses that are recovering from abuse, starvation, disease, and injuries. It is named Horse-Angels, Inc. Horse Rescue and was founded by Sue A. Whitman, DVM.  Horse-Angels is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization and all donations are tax deductible.  The address is 8262 Switchboard Road, Spencer, Indiana 47460.  Visit

In October of 2012 Dr. Sue brought over a group of healthy, rehabilitated and trained horses for an Adoption Day at Ellington Stables.  Attendees got the opportunity to learn about the Horse Angels program and to get to know the horses.  "Shoppers" had the chance to ride and spend time with potential adoptees.

It was very difficult to make a choice!


On June 1, 2013 The Red Hats Purple Chaps is sponsoring an ACTHA Ride at Midwest Trail Ride, Norman, IN with proceeds going to Horse Angels.   
ACTHA, the American Competitive Trail Horse Association draws participants from all over the United States.
Happy Trails to You!

Monday, May 27, 2013

Red Hats Purple Chaps Jamboree 2012

The Red Hats Purple Chaps Jamboree in April of 2012 was held at Midwest Trail Ride in Norman, Indiana.  RHPC is a group of horse crazy little girls who have grown up into women who are still horse crazy.  Jamboree is a once a year celebration of friendship and fun with our horses.

Our course Kathy, Rio, Mary Ann and Flash had to be there.  Jeff Ellington was generous and pampered us with the use of the family motor home, the Taj Mahal of camping.

The motor home was ALMOST big enough for the horses, too.

Kathy was in charge of the Fun Show and it was FUN!  It required a lot of laughter.  Mary Ann was the helper.

After dinner we had a wine hunt in the dark.  There were mini bottles and a couple of big bottles of wine. 
Mary Ann found one of the big bottles in a mail box obstacle at the round pen.  We drank it the next night at the corn hole game in the dining hall.  It lasted about a minute.

We went trail riding every day with the boys.  They love a nice walk in the woods.  The trails are very hilly, so we never push them.  Trails at MTR also join the equine trails in the Hoosier National Forest.  A $35.00 DNR horse tag is all you need for the whole year.

 I think the RHPC Jamboree is going to be at Midwest Trail Ride this year.  We hope so!

Sunday, May 26, 2013

Equine Fundraiser Ride the Spectrum for Autism


The equine fundraiser Ride the Spectrum for Autism is Saturday, June 8-9, 2013 at Little Trails Horse Camp in Martinsville, IN.   The flyer with all the info is at the bottom of the page or visit
Kathy, Rio, Mary Ann and Flash went last year when it was held at Midwest Trail Ride in Norman, Indiana.  We all had a blast and the fundraising was a great success. 

We stayed in a cedar cabin right next to the horses.
Rio and Flash were happy in their stalls.

Rio is always curious and likes to watch what's going on.

                             Flash would rather eat.
                                                           Michaela Walker was the Grand Marshall of the parade that included fire departments, law enforcement and horses, of course.  



The smallest rescue vehicle, the 'ambulance' for trail riders.
Jane and her Mini
   and the Red Hats & Purple Chaps ladies.

  Every parade has to end.

 And then there was the fun show.

                       The Egg and Spoon race
Monkeys and Bananas  


 Ride with a full glass of water.

And the Rescue Ride

There was a lot of applause for the enthusiastic riders.

Tina Nunez

Dolly Mama

Ramonette Dugan

Lynne Voigt

Mounted Shooters came to perform for us.  They ride as fast as they can through a course of balloons on stakes.  They try to shoot all of the balloons at a gallop.  I don't think there were any misses.

Kathy tried out the gun without Rio.

Horses have to learn not to shy from the guns.  They wear horse ear plugs just like the riders.