Riding lessons for all ages, disciplines and levels are available from beginner to advanced. 

Horsemanship is a learned skill and best acquired with the help of a professional.  

• Private lessons are $50.00 per hour. A travel fee may apply.

• Please give your instructor 24-hour notice if you need to skip your lesson. 

• Helmets are required for all students, as are signed releases. 

BOOK A LESSON with Shelley Kaczmarczyk:  812-219-4966

Shelley Kaczmarczyk has been a lifelong teacher and trainer, certified Therapeutic Riding Instructor, triple certified by the American Riding Instructors Association, and is the only Level III certified Dressage instructor in Indiana.  
She has worked with riders and horses of every age, skill and ability level throughout her nearly 30-year career, and specializes in adapting the “textbook correct” riding theories to fit the reality embodied by the individual horse and rider. 


Besides time in the saddle, children benefit from handling the horse on the ground and learning basic horsemanship.   Because of his size, the horse cannot be bullied into doing what the handler wants and effective handling requires tact and patience.

Developing balance, coordination, forethought, empathy, and emotional control are essential for growth as a rider. These skills are also important for growth as a human being and have wide application outside the world of horses. Your child will think it’s just all great fun, and it is, but will be learning valuable like skills.


Riding a horse not only develops balance and coordination, but provides a workout for leg, core, shoulder and back muscles. Riding a horse at a walk stimulates internal organs just as walking on foot does, aiding in liver function and digestion.  Horseback riding burns approximately 5 calories per minute, burning 150 calories for every half hour in the saddle. 

When first learning to ride, steady balance on the horse and steering can be a challenge.  When that is mastered, more and more opportunities for learning magically appear.  Your mind and body connection with the horse is an opportunity for lifelong learning, which research has shown to help prevent the cognitive loss that can come with aging.  All the time you are exercising your body and your mind, you will feel great about what you are accomplishing!

Warning:  Under Indiana law, an equine professional is not liable for an injury to, or the death of, a participant in equine activities resulting from the inherent risks of equine activities. 

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